About Us

A team of iOS & Android developers, stack developers and marketing strategists; our mobile app and custom software applications create dynamic solutions.

Here at Brevard Apps, we create user friendly experiences that ultimately transform brands. All of our design, development and marketing services are custom-tailored to suit your business needs, ensuring you stand out among the crowd — no matter how competitive the market.

We develop native iOS, Android and web applications, along with custom software & systems. Brevard Apps empowers small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs in developing and implementing their mobile marketing strategies at affordable rates.


Our Mission

You will find us to be an affordable, full-service software development agency offering an array of services to support you and your brand, so that you can reach your highest potential and maximize profits.

At Brevard Apps we’re honored everyday with the opportunity to face innovative challenges in dynamic industries of all shapes and sizes. Our goal and objective remains simple – we strive to bring out the best in your company and team.

Our Focus

We understand the importance of putting clients first, and hold this of the highest priority when working with you. With our knowledge, experience and expertise in the software development arena, we’ll strengthen your customers interactive engagement with your brand – while at the same time building a successful marketing campaign.

We are here to not just level the playing field, we are here to help you edge out the competition. You just focus on your business, we’ll make sure your software application has the creativity, and technical foundations to succeed.

Our Leadership

We partner with local and national companies to provide interactive brand experiences and more effective brand awareness.

So what sets Brevard Apps apart from other software agencies?… We understand that dynamic brand stories have to be authentic. We’ll develop and implement a rock-solid interactive experience by leveraging custom software with polished web development.

Brevard Apps

An experienced and skilled team of custom software developers.