Custom Software & Systems

A faster, easier and more affordable solution!

We build custom software & systems, and offer consulting services to assist you in successfully completing your development project in less time – with less cost.

Our team has the technical capabilities to empower you at every stage of your development process, from inception and discovery to testing, launch and promotion. We have been refining our expertise over the years, and are equipped to handle your project’s specifics – and drive success!

A team of custom software & systems developers and marketing strategists, our software development company can build your perfect interactive experience solution.

Brevard Apps looks at the big picture for each client, establishing what the desired goals are, and then delivers an awesome custom developed software. We create highly polished systems for start-ups, small businesses and enterprise clients. We also know a thing or two about branding, web design, and user acquisition. We pride ourselves in creating a relationship of trust, reliability and long lasting partnerships.

Benefits of hiring our developers

Fast & effective

We custom design native applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


We take all the hassle and large costly expenses out of building and maintaining a high quality, functional app that helps you better engage with your customers.

Professional team

We provide a wide range of specialized and custom services to industries ranging from healthcare to real estate, and can work with any company or organization to implement a mobile application strategy.


Brevard Apps is a software development agency providing iOS, Android, Windows, and various custom design & development and project services.

In-house developers

We avoid using offshore teams because they have not proved to produce the innovative consumer experiences that our clients demand.


We are an experienced and skilled mobile app development team, that combines a variety of skill sets required to create truly dynamic software & systems.

We’re Passionate About What We Do!

Our company is driven by passion. A passion for development, and for helping our clients. Our goals and objective remains simple – we strive to bring out the best in your company and team.