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August 7, 2015
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Increase Customer Loyalty, Brand Awareness and Revenue With a Mobile Application

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viera fl app development companyWith everything being on demand in today’s society, the use of mobile for convenience and accessibility is something we have become infatuated with. With mobile devices now being the vehicle for more than half of all internet access, there has been a significant change in the online landscape. To find information they want immediately, consumers use their mobile devices to quickly provide them with what they need to know. We often depend on the instant accessibility of mobile applications. Many organizations and businesses are having to adapt to this evolution in consumer lifestyle by hiring local app development companies. Today’s consumer is a moving target being that people are constantly on the move. To access market research as well as assist with purchasing decisions, consumers (who are also savvy shoppers) wisely leverage technology. To source information from their trusted network about brands and products, they communicate via social media. This weighs heavy with their brand preferences and purchase decisions.


rockledge fl app development companiesBusinesses have the challenge of needing to effectively engage with these consumers, and being that they’re always on the move – integrating a mobile application can be a great way to keep your brand in front of them. The tool of choice for consumers is now the mobile application, and significant returns on investment are being seen by businesses that have adapted to using this technology. In the marketplace now there are a multitude of different apps. Some are classified as informative, others are built for usefulness and convenience, and then there are those designed solely for entertainment. Finding the right solution requires a great amount of knowledge about your customer base if you are wanting to meet your business needs. Understanding their demographic information is critical. Purchase preferences, lifestyle choices and overall experience with your brand are all very important areas to consider. Understand how they are specifically using mobile devices in their daily lives is also important.


Many smart businesses are now understanding that by leveraging mobile apps they will not only assist with their operations, but they can be used to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and most importantly their overall revenue.

app development companies viera flUnderstanding different ways a mobile app can be leveraged to connect with your consumers, is the first of several ways to go about achieving these goals. Appealing to people through mobile apps happens in primarily three basic ways:

  1. Making their lives easier by simplifying a task or streamlining a regular process.
  2. Save them money or provide additional value in some other way.
  3. Make things more fun and provide a source of entertainment for the user.

Your business is well on its way to having a successful mobile app if your app can provide one or more of these things to customers.

Here is a list of awesome things you can do with a customized mobile app for your business in order to build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and ultimately give your revenues a serious boost:

  • Offer discounts, coupons, and promotions just for using your app – to build customer loyalty and make them feel extra special. Integrate a super-addictive customer loyalty program into your mobile app.
  • Use push notifications to offer special deals, promote events and deliver relevant information about your brand right to their smartphones or tablets. Push notifications allow the delivery of instant messages to your customers’ mobile devices whenever you choose. Push notifications get read an amazing 97% of the time – as compared to only 4% to 10% of email marketing messages getting opened.
  • Your biggest asset is your database of existing customers – so why not create a viral buzz by leveraging it with your app? They can now quickly tell their friends and family about your business using the built-in sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Engage in contesting through these social media channels by asking customers for their opinions. Your business can now tap into users’ trusted groups of family and friends for cross selling opportunities by integrating with these networks.
  • Grow your client list by gathering email addresses and names in-app. Offer a call-to-action or opt-in, and reward users for providing you with their highly valuable information. Easily export that data into an email marketing campaign service of your preference.
  • By providing up-to-date information about where your brand will be, you can promote your special events or even something you may be hosting at your location(s). Use an in-app event calendar to outline dinners, monthly shows, guest appearances, open houses, product launches, etc. Go ahead and take it a step further by directing users to your website to pre-pay, pre-book or even pre-order.
  • Engage users with customized, location based marketing messages based on their specific preferences and location. This can be accomplished with a blend of technologies including geo-fencing, GPS, location-based services, MMS, bluetooth and near-field communications.
  • Inform your customers about product launches, new developments, and other awesome & unique things you may currently be doing that will interest them.  Integrate your app with detailed business information about your service offerings, specials, menus, and more.
  • Make it super easy for your customers to be able to reach you via one-click-call, email, link to your website and GPS directions – all from the convenience of your app.
  • Gather feedback instantly and put it to great use by furthering product research or improving customer service.
  • Track your app success through robust analytics and results from various marketing campaigns.


All of the above are very effective tactics an organization or business can embrace to get the most out of their mobile application. An effective mix of these in collaboration with an effective brand marketing message throughout your communication channels – will absolutely put you ahead of the competition. You’ll be able to address the business challenge of engaging your mobile consumers by recognizing the app evolution in consumer behavior. It is so important to understand now (or as soon as possible) that leveraging mobile apps will be a vital and necessary piece of your long term business strategy. If you don’t get it first and aggressively launch your business into the mobile application arena – you can be guaranteed that someone else (mainly your competitors) most certainly will.

Brevard Apps is an app development company that can provide your business with a smart, easy & affordable way to have a great custom app!


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