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July 26, 2015
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Do You Really Need A Mobile Application?

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A very high number of today’s small business owners are considering whether or not having a strong mobile marketing strategy in place is really a necessity or even a benefit to their business. There contemplating if a mobile app development company like Brevard Apps is a smart move, are just part of another global online conspiracy to generate and bring about more useless mobile applications into the marketplace. Here with our posts and articles, we are going to always be offering educational information that you can either take or leave. Our immediate goal is to share with you the reasons why many small businesses now consider having an awesome mobile application to be not only a game changer, but a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. Read on and you be the judge…

The following information is just a few of our opinions, in their most simple forms:


app developers palm bay Is your company or your organization going to collapse and fall apart if you do not have a mobile application by the end of next week?

Could your small to medium sized business benefit from having a great mobile app?
Most likely.

Is the Return On Investment going to far surpass, and be well worth the cost?
Very high possibility.

Is your business going to be giving the competition a big edge if you decide never to release a mobile app?
Absolutely – 100%.

Very well then. Moving along now you know what our position is. No surprises there. Lets explore some more details…


Current marketing channels

The marketing plan for many small and medium sized businesses looks similar to this:

  • Purchase ads in local circulars, and send out mailers locally.
  • Perform a few email campaigns, and participate in social media.
  • Rely heavily (almost exclusively) on buyers searching Google, foot traffic and positive word-of-mouth.

mobile app development palm bay flMost small businesses are dependent on the above things to make a good living. However, many businesses are wishing they had a smart, easy and affordable way to increase sales! And for many, it is so serious that it is a matter of survival or death. There just is not much room to be able to sustain the hits of big losses and keep on moving along financially. For the majority of smaller businesses every little bit counts – it’s sink or swim!

And this is exactly where your new, awesome mobile app comes in…


Is a Small Business App Necessary?

As we previously mentioned above, procrastinating to the point of failing altogether to create a mobile app will not completely destroy your business or organization. Mobile applications just haven’t reached that level – yet. But taking a closer look at websites provides a great analogy.

mobile app development melbourne flFor many companies years, and years ago – having a website was considered by many to be a novelty or an exciting item. All anyone thought they really needed was the phone book, and no one was overly interested in the hassle of building and maintaining a website. As websites evolved though, and became easier and easier to maintain, everyone soon just had to have one on their Christmas list. Fast forwarding to the present day – no business owner (sane business owner) would even think about starting a new business without first having in at the very least a simple 3-page website. There is just no denying that they are too valuable a tool for connecting with buyers and users (customers).

Mobile activity (depending on what statistic you’re looking at it already has) is poised to overtake desktop & laptop activity combined in the very close future – so it’s safe to say that being mobile is at somewhat of a turning point. So if we know for sure that consumers will be on mobile almost all of the time, small business owners (small business owners thinking clearly) will want to be right there with them, side by side. And the more time that passes, the more likely it becomes that your closest competitors will hop right up on the bandwagon and go for a ride. Now with that being said, and even with all of this pressure bearing down on you, we still do not think or promote that this is the most important reason for small and medium sized businesses to turn their immediate attention to mobile apps. Our real reason is actually quite simple:


Mobile Apps have the absolute most amazing cost to benefit ratio available – anywhere! Period.


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