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July 25, 2015
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July 26, 2015

Mobile App Benefits For Small Businesses

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Your Small business?… That’s right, there is an app for that!

It may be a misfortune for them – but fortunately for you, the majority of small business owners do not even realize what they are missing out on, and exactly how much untapped potential has evolved in this quickly growing mobile marketing medium. Yup!, even for small businesses the marketing opportunities are endless. And this is especially true for local businesses.

app development merritt island So does a mobile app make sense for your business?

This really is a very important question that you need to ask yourself right now, before you go any further with reading this article. If the answer is no, we recommend just go ahead and go back to focusing on how to get more new traffic to your traditional website. For the rest of you that said Yes – we truly hope what you are about to learn is immediately put into action.

The truth is that mobile applications work extremely well for most small-medium sized businesses, but they aren’t right for every one.

If you can honestly answer yes to the following listed questions in this article, you should absolutely without a doubt, consider having a custom mobile app developed for your small business:


 Would you benefit from having the ability to reach your customers 24/7?

This seems like a fairly easy question to answer, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want the ability to successfully and consistently reach customers no matter their whereabouts?

 Can you provide a useful and convenient mobile experience around your brand?

Now this question may be a little more complicated for some small business owners to answer, but that definitely does not mean you should be quick to answer with a no. Even if you’re just an e-commerce business selling stuff, you can still build an awesome custom mobile application that seamlessly integrates both enjoyment and social elements with special discounts and loyalty rewards. We highly recommend that you give this some creative thought before simply dismissing the idea of having your very own mobile app. And if you’re still unsure, just keep on reading this article. Inspiration will most likely present itself before you reach the end.

 Will your business benefit from a mobile app?

This is the simplest question of the group, but possibly the most difficult one to answer. It’s tempting to want to be able to reach your customers at all hours of the day, but exactly how will your sales and revenue benefit from this? You should know this before you embark on this mobile marketing journey, so the expectations and goals you set for yourself and your business are realistic and attainable. In the example listed above of a mobile application with specials and loyalty rewards, the business benefits through encouraging customers to shop over, and over again. Now on the other spectrum, if you’re say a personal fitness trainer, your intentions might be to successfully establish yourself as the local fitness expert or to build a following community around your brand. Your mobile app may also be put in place generally as a support system for your company, so tracking your Return On Investment may not be as easily accomplished, but you should still by all means be able to fairly easily define what success really means for your application.

app development cocoa fl Benefits of Mobile App Marketing vs. Other Marketing Mediums

On average, people have approximately 26 apps installed on their smartphones. What does this mean for you? You are now competing with 26 other apps for attention of your customers. But you have nothing to lose sleep over; that’s really nothing! Just think a minute about how many desktop websites you compete with online. Hint: It’s in the MILLIONS.

Mobile Marketing vs. Social Media

Social media websites are still considered somewhat of a fairly new medium (relatively speaking) and many small and medium sized businesses are still just beginning to start testing their own Twitter and Facebook accounts. The competition encountered here is way to steep though, and at the end of the day it is not just merely about your retail competition. When end users are on social media outlets, they typically are not seeking to buy a product or service. They are simply there to interact and connect with friends and family, check on what may be happening in this crazy world or posting what they feel to be important updates about what may be happening in their personal lives. This now places your profiles in competition with an array of topics that your target audience may find more interesting that your business.

Mobile Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Email marketing is that old trusty and reliable standby that still works today in some way or another for just about most businesses. But even if you’re lucky enough to have someone subscribe to your newsletter or email list, there is still no guarantee that they will actually read the emails you send to them. And if they do happen to read your email, there’s no guarantee that they’ll take the action you are hoping they’ll take. This is very different with mobile applications. You have something of an instant messaging service called a “push notification.” These are the important updates that you receive on your tablet or smartphone that inform you that something new and exciting is going on within one of the apps you have downloaded. With Facebook, you often receive a push notification to inform you that someone may have tagged you in an image or post, or simply sent you a personal message. Your calendar may send a push message to remind you of an upcoming event that you have opted in to attend. Your mobile application may also send push messages for any number of other reasons that you will specify. Push notifications occur for various reasons, there’s one thing they all have in common – They almost 100% of the time get read.


3 Things You Stand to Gain from App Development

Now it’s time to answer the most important question you’ve been waiting for – “what’s in it for me?” There are typically more than three very strong benefits, but the following three should get you brainstorming about how to immediately put an Awesome Mobile App to work for your business.

1. Earn money – Whether it’s with ads or in-app purchases, smart retailers monetize their apps to create another stream of income.

2. Reach a new set of customers – Let’s hope that a good number of your current customers download and use your app, but there’s also the potential to reach a whole new audience who are experiencing your brand for the first time.

3. Showcase products and services – Although your app will have a purpose, a benefit to the end user, it will also act much like a not-so-obvious ad for your business.


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