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July 26, 2015
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July 26, 2015

Why Apps Are Better Than Mobile Websites

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Research is now showing that smartphone and tablet users today are spending 86% of their mobile time on applications. They are not only using mobile apps to access information on a daily basis, but their interaction with companies and organizations is likewise migrating to mobile apps, with an average of 68% of mobile users engaging with brands via mobile applications. If you own a business and you haven’t yet looked into consulting with a local mobile app development company about creating an awesome custom application- now would be a good time. If your competitors aren’t already in the process of having one built, they will be very soon.

It would make sense then, that an amazing opportunity still presents itself for businesses to implement an enterprise app marketing strategy, in order to connect, engage and interact more efficiently with customers and employees. Although, businesses seeking to develop mobile apps are now faced with the important question of whether a mobile app is necessary, or if simply a mobile website will be sufficient. Here at Brevard Apps – it is our opinion that mobile websites are no longer enough to provide the highest level of productivity and engagement, and that mobile applications are now in fact an essential necessity for any business that is wanting to stay ahead – far ahead of the competition.

But what makes these mobile applications so necessary? – Let’s explore…

app developer cocoa beach  Engagement

Mobile applications operate within their own interface environment, which is what allows the end user to become more involved in the app experience. Securing your dedicated company icon on the home screen of users’ mobile devices means that your brand now becomes more directly integrated with the users’ mobile behaviors. This happens for 2 reasons: on one aspect, because mobile applications are focused on purpose, mobile users come to directly associate tasks that are specific with the visual icon of your applications on their devices home screen. And on the other hand, the brand is rewarded with strengthening its overall value in the end users’ perception, which is especially true for external customer-facing applications.

Mobile websites – run on web browsers, causing them to be less present in the day-to-day activity of users.

 Additional features

Mobile applications also provide users with  additional functions and features that are just not possible on mobile sites. Probably the most significant of these is an apps’ compatibility with a mobile devices’ integrated features and hardware, for example instant push messages, calendars and address books, videos and audio, mobile device vibration, integration with cloud, caching and offline access – which enables the ability of additional functions directly from the mobile app.

Mobile websites – are much more limited relative to the amount of a mobile device’s integrated native features that they’re able to access.

 Enhanced security

Mobile applications also can integrate seamlessly with security systems already in place, to ensure the highest possible levels of security. Mobile apps can use a Device Management software, which not only can secure and lock down applications, but also can remotely retract or deploy them, giving enterprise customers a much heightened control of the applications on devices and the functionality that is offered.

Mobile websites – are generally secure, however they don’t have the ability to control what is happening in terms of security on the mobile device.

 Improving productivity and cutting costs

What we feel is the most important internal benefit of mobile applications is how they can enhance communication within employees, training and access to resources faster and easier. Mobile apps reliably operating on mobile devices are statistically shown linked to direct increases in productivity anywhere from 20% to 40%, allowing for extra time to be managed more efficiently and used to generate additional revenue and sales. Mobile apps are also highly effective at manipulating and handling the producing of charts and complex reports.

Mobile websites – generally have a slower load time and are more complicated for optimization, and this is especially true in relation to complex data, which can greatly slow down productivity workflows.

app developer satellite beach Stronger communication and more efficient business processes

External mobile applications and their benefits are vast, but quite possibly the most significant is apps’ ability to deliver both instant information and support to customers wherever and whenever it is required. Apps enable the user to access vital information instantly on their smartphones or tablets with just one click. Push notifications can also be instantly delivered to mobile devices whenever important updates or information becomes available. Apps enable the user to perform literally everything they could do on a mobile site, but much faster and far more efficiently.

Mobile websites – always will require the user to log in to be able to show a specific key information, making this process more difficult and far slower. Push notifications are also not an available feature on mobile websites, which solely depend on dated and traditional alerts such as email.

 Instant access online or offline

Mobile applications can be accessed anywhere instantly, just by tapping on the downloaded icon on mobile devices. This allows the mobile user to access the key information they need faster. Mobile apps can be accessed offline too, with various updates being stored locally on the device until it reconnects to the internet.

Mobile websites – must always be connected to the internet, and take longer to load, which can frustrate users. Mobile websites do not work offline. Quality time is therefore lost by users who are unable to access information, and get the things they need to get done while offline. Additional sources of revenue

The most intriguing element of all, is the opportunity mobile applications offer to create additional streams of revenue with app-enabled services tailored to each individual business. For example, attorney firms can offer educational apps targeting specific areas of practice, allowing the user to understand better their individual rights, and keep them informed on the further changing of laws relating to them specifically. These helpful services provide organizations with extra sources of revenue, and at the very same time they also assist in differentiating themselves from their competition.

So in conclusion we have shown that the overall benefits of mobile applications are many, and far overshadow those of mobile sites. However, we are not trying to say that mobile websites are useless. Here at Brevard Apps – we acknowledge that an optimal mobile marketing strategy is the combination of both a mobile website and a mobile app, in order to offer customers a more wholesome experience. While applications deliver more benefits on many more levels, mobile sites still can provide a successful avenue for customers to have access to your information on mobile devices that do not have your mobile app downloaded yet.

We feel the reason why more businesses aren’t embracing mobile apps, is the perceived overly high development costs and maintenance costs that a mobile app entails. With app developers such as Brevard Apps, that delivers smart and innovative features for the development of applications, developing your very own mobile app has never been easier or more affordable – no matter your businesses size or budget. If your business truly and sincerely wants to stay ahead of your competition, now is the time to begin developing your own Awesome Mobile Application – before your competitors do!

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