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August 8, 2015
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How To Leverage Push Notifications for Successful Marketing

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A successful push marketing campaign base can be formed with the following 5 tips, which are also a solid foundation for everyone from the most experienced mobile app development companies to the just born mobile newbies. For those new to mobile marketing here is a simple definition; push notifications are used by mobile applications as an engagement tool to introduce new content, generate visits and otherwise keep their mobile app users updated in the form of a short message with a link back to the app that sent it.  According to a recent study, strong push messaging tactics on average results in:

  • 93% higher retention rate for users receiving push messaging in the first month after download.
  • Long-term retention is on average 92% higher each month for users opted in to push notifications.
  • Opt-in audiences are much more engaged: average monthly app opens per user are 26% higher than opt-out users.

If you want to find this kind of success with push messaging, you will need to be conscious of your target audience and thoughtfully approach this marketing tool. If you can on a consistent basis keep the following 5 tips in mind, you and your business will be well on your way to a highly successful and profitable push notification campaign:


1.) Be conscious of your users – Mobile applications will build an intimate relationship between a brand and its audience, and push messaging can result in either further strengthening or exasperating this relationship. Users are demonstrating that they trust what you have to say when they opt-in to receive push notifications, and that they anticipate what you are going to send to them will be worth reading. It is vital and necessary to maintain this trust, so be mindful and respectful of the fact that any messaging you send their way, within reason, will not intentionally interrupt whatever it is your user is doing. Just be sure that what you’re sending is worth it to them.

merritt island mobile app development companies2.) Push message thoughtfully – By approaching the push tool as mindfully as you approach creative content strategy, you can be assured and confident that your messages will be welcomed and resonate with your audience. Take a step back first and look at what it is you’ll be probably be updating in your app for the next month, and identify what content you think users will most likely want to be told about. The most successful push messages are often based on content that is time sensitive, exclusive or proximity based.

3.) Be well organized – Once you have figured out what content it is that you would like to feature, block out which days you’ll send what messages, keeping track of their open rates and click through statistics if applicable.

4.) Frequency does matter – Always be mindful that if you’re messaging too frequently, your users may opt-out, or in some cases even delete your app all together. Having your scheduling organized will ensure that you do not accidentally message too frequently, and will allow you to review the analytics of your open rates to see which of your messages are having the most positive impact.

5.) Surprise and delight your way to success – A great case study of a successful push campaign is The Rolling Stones’ official app. Exclusive content mixed with fun facts like band members’ birthdays are a couple of their strategies. This gives a personal touch that resonates with their users because it makes the app feel more intimate, and keeps them anticipating more. Go ahead and integrate some personality into your app, just be sure that tone of your messaging aligns with the users that you’re sending to.


With Brevard Apps – we manage 100% of your push messaging. All you need is to approve what message(s) you want to send, and we take care of the rest!

Mastering how to leverage push messaging correctly is integral for businesses wanting to improve user retention, engagement and research. We understand that this article is only an introduction, however these basics will surely lead to improved results for any push campaign!


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