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July 31, 2015
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Increase Customer Loyalty, Brand Awareness and Revenue With a Mobile Application
August 8, 2015

Mobile Apps Embraced By Restaurants To Enhance Customer Service And Efficiency

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The phrase often used today – “there’s an app for that” – can easily be applied to pretty much any business or personal activity. It is easy to see why businesses of virtually every single industry have embraced mobile app development companies and the mobile apps they create – for their relatively tremendous ease of use and low cost of entry. Mobile technology in today’s world, without a doubt, is the easiest and most effective way to stay ahead of the competition, grow fast, and be highly profitable.

brevard county mobile app development companiesRestaurants, like so many other industries, thrive on the efficiency of their operations and the quality of their guest satisfaction. Therefore, it should be of no surprise to you that more, and more restaurants are seriously considering mobile applications as a great supplement or alternative to the more traditional table management systems, server and guest paging.

The recent rising demand has sparked technology companies to be actively creating and releasing apps for Android & iOS devices, that allow businesses the ability to seat their guests more efficiently, deliver the menu items quicker, and turn their tables over faster than they ever have before. Generally, all that a restaurant really needs to be able to take advantage of app technology is an iPad/tablet, computer or laptop with internet access and a web browser. Unless you’re a diner stuck in the 80’s, you’ve got that.

The rapid increase in sheer numbers of smartphones has now made it even easier for restaurants to be able to effectively adapt to this new technology. All across the industry, guest paging applications have been shown to reduce the need for the traditional coaster pager, and allow guests to be paged right to their mobile device via a text message. The applications also can be integrated seamlessly with other existing guest paging systems – making it a win-win for both the restaurant and their patrons.

There are many mobile app development companies out there, so to achieve the highest R.O.I. – be sure to select the best one in your area.

mobile app development companies melbourne flWait list management, thanks to the new technology of apps, is now no longer a complicated pen-and-paper affair like it used to be. All it takes is a simple application that links with the restaurant’s computer network for the establishments operator to gauge times with precise accuracy. Wait estimates are not only far more reliable – they’re right at their fingertips and not left up to a guessing game! The host staffs are now able to manage their customer’s expectations with more confidence, and therefore they can also seat guests more efficiently. The end result is simply a better experience for customers. Restaurants will also see and benefit from return visits from these newly made loyal customers.

Now let’s go over just a few of the awesome benefits you’ll reward your restaurant and your customers with – when you choose to have a beautiful Native Mobile Application custom designed by Brevard Apps:

Easily draw the Monday night crowd when you have an app working for you. Check-in specials, loyalty rewards and real-time menu updates will grow your customer base and keep them coming back for more. Did someone say Dessert menu? – Please!

  • Accept orders and payment in-app
  • Highlight weekly specials
  • Reward your regulars with check-in discounts
  • Send targeted push notifications to nearby users
  • Let customers post about their favorite dish on your fan wall
  • Give directions & quick contact for users on the go
  • Enable in-app reservation-booking
  • And much, much more!…

So in conclusion based on the above factual information, there is no doubt that mobile applications and mobile technology have completely changed the way we pursue our lives on a daily basis. And now they are even changing the way in which restaurants, caterers, bakeries, cafes, etc. – deliver their service to their customers. Business revenue, profits and the overall bottom line are substantially increased when the establishment is integrated with a useful, convenient and beautifully designed custom mobile app.

Regardless of how mobile app technology evolves — and there is no question that it will evolve — it will continue to be a win-win for both restaurant operators and their guests.

The Mobile Application is here, and it is here to stay – Embrace It!

Check Out – Increase Customer Loyalty, Brand Awareness and Revenue With a Mobile Application

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