nonprofit-mobile-appsBoost your subscription base and keep volunteers in the know. Nonprofit apps put organizations not just in the hearts & minds of supporters—but in their pockets. Add donation integration to inspire users to pitch in with just a few taps. Remind newcomers about fundraising events and easy ways to get involved.

  • Add subscribers with direct mailing list integration
  • Keep tabs on fundraising opportunities
  • Show volunteers all the ways they can help
  • Update your event calendar to increase RSVPs
  • Honor your biggest supporters with in-app spotlights
  • Increase site traffic and donation dollars
  • Sync up your Instagram, blog feeds, and social media
  • And More…

Brevard Apps’ Custom Mobile Applications designed for nonprofit organizations is a FREE download for members to use as a communication vehicle and marketing tool to schedule and send out alerts about events, distribute informational and educational content, send push messages or coupons on selling products or services through shopping cart integration. Members can stream live performances or content from YouTube for promotional purposes and share content through the integrated social media sites.

App Functions:

  • Text alerts for announcing specials
  • Photo gallery of members
  • YouTube link to members video channels
  • Appointment scheduler & confirmation
  • Stream live content for events or meetings
  • E-Commerce capability with Shopping Cart
  • QR code scanner and coupon generator
  • Social media integration for sharing & referrals