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We integrate innovative features proven to dramatically increase user activity.

  • Please note – we have many custom features available that can be integrated seamlessly into you new app, in fact too many to list here. These are just a few of our most popular ones:


push-messagePush Messages
Send Exclusive Notifications

    • Send unlimited, rich notifications right to your users and keep them in the loop on events, specials and in-app deals. With Geo-location features and versatile design options, you can target the right customers in the right way.


checkLoyalty Card
Reward Repeat Customers

    • Lighten wallets with your Loyalty feature. It’s really no secret that people are more likely to buy if they are offered specials or discounts. Our Apps encourage customers to spend more, leading to increased sales and profits.


gps_couponGPS Coupons
Encourage Future Visits

    • Build your repeat customer base by trading check-ins for discounts. With GPS Coupons, users can now accumulate points and unlock deals each time they return. Easily customize check-in parameters and enable your deals.


icon-analyticsRobust Analytics
Engage Users & View Activity

    • Find out what’s a hit and what’s a miss with your All-in-one Analytics, or delve into your users demographics with info that’s always at your fingertips. You’ll know who and what to target for the highest return on investment.


fan-wallFan Wall
People Love Connecting

    • You know your customers love you, so let them shout it from the rooftops (or, through your app). Your Fan Wall is a forum for people to connect over their shared adoration for you, and all that your organization does!


mobile_shopping-128Mobile Shopping
Accept In-App Purchases

    • Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with your Merchandise feature – simple sales solution. Now you can stock your store without the back injuries. Customize your item photos & descriptions.


one-touch-dialingOne-Touch Dialing

    • Customers can call your business with a single click.


food-ordering-bangaloreFood Ordering / Mobile Reservations
Place In-App Orders

    • If you’ve got a restaurant, you can provide your customers with total convenience.


Easily Share Anything

    • Customers can refer their friends through social media.


mobile_direction-128GPS Directions
Turn-by-Turn Guidance

    • To lead people right to your location.


form-captureCustom Email Forms
Gather Exact Information

    • Get customized email messages out quickly.


Integrate Your Channel

    • Make the most of your YouTube channel and import video into your app.


image-galleryImage Galleries
Add Custom Captions

    • A photo album of your business.


integration-programProgram Integration
Integrate Everything Seamlessly

  • Your app can work seamlessly with a huge variety of your favorite apps and tools.


And much, much more…

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